Food, telephones, payments … There is nothing that the Administration team can miss.
The Billing team creates and offers convenient payment solutions for our clients.
Business Intelligence
The Business Intelligence team helps us understand the user experience and improve it.
Community Operations
The Community Operations team supports users and is the user’s own voice within the company.
Our Engineering team has more than 150 people who use the Agile method. Each team creates and improves Badoo services and options every week.
The Finance team oversees the financial structure of the company.
Human Resources
The Human Resources team grows Badoo by finding and hiring brilliant minds.
The Legal team advises the company and takes care of all matters of a legal nature.
The Localization team translates and adapts all our content to local markets.
Marketing and public relations
The Marketing and Public Relations team is in charge of all the communication of the company, as well as developing the image of the Badoo brand.
Product and design
The Product and Design team is made up of a group of visionaries who conceive and execute ideas from start to finish.
The QA team is the nexus of the product and engineering teams, and is responsible for ensuring that everything works properly.

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